Ice-Box Conversion to Fridge

Last year, I posted a blog about my plans to install an Isotherm Self Pumping refrigerator conversion – and this year I have finally completed the job. It works!

The ice-box, now refrigerated, is to the left of the cooker, and the compressor gubbins is to the right, in what was the trash container (that I used as a dry food store). I fitted the compressor to the bottom half of the compartment, and put a clear Lexan cover over it, to protect the unit from spilled water from the taps. I will fit a drain, to take spilled water down under the sink.

The evaporator is fitter to the ice box, which had no insulation on the engine-side, where the fridge used to be. So I fitted some closed-cell insulating foam board – the purple stuff, an offcut of which I have used to act as extra insulation for the lid. I will seal this piece to make it more durable.

Now, I need to seal the windows, to stop rain and seawater from leaking in and draining into the icebox. The great news is that a couple of cooler blocks and some bags of ice in the bottom of the icebox stay frozen, and there is no compressor noise, nor is there any pump to consume battery power whilst under sail.

3 thoughts on “Ice-Box Conversion to Fridge

  1. I am So Glad to hear from you…I have been Thinking about your and Franks Safety!
    That Hurricane Belt just keeps on Giving.
    How come you haven’t been Sailing for 2 years?
    I’m Listening to a Radio Show here in Oz and a woman in Mississippi just called in re the Hurricane.
    Batten Down them Hatches…again!
    Love Cassie in Oz

  2. Well you have been busy!

    Lovely work btw…


    I am still Beavering away, Renovating my Townhouse to sell and go "Off-Grid" back to Nature.

    I am looking at a Multiple Occupancy Land Buy.


    We are pooling our resources to enable a Large Land Purchase and then each have around 5 Acre lots with big Green Corridoors between, to act as Privacy Buffers.


    I have also been Chatting with Nikki and Anne now and then on Facebook.

    (Which I Opted out of a while ago, but keep returning to contact Friends far away)


    I am still hoping Anne gets a chance to go through her Photos and Memoirs and finds some gems on Dad.  

    So, Calm Seas and a Fair Wind my Friend, Until we talk again

    XOX Cassie


    Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 at 12:57 PM

    • Hi Cassie! Lovely to hear from you. That does sound like a great idea. Mind you, the grid will eventually catch up with you! I went back the following week and worked on the pump for the water-cooled aircon system. I don’t actually have the aircon system yet, but will hopefully be able to get it soon, and plug it in. I also re-glazed a window (ok, port), which was quite cathartic and gave me the greater satisfaction – probably because the leaky windows have been irritating me for a long time!

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