Quick post

I’ve not posted for a while. I had a guy dive and clean the prop and check the hull.

He said the hull seems clear but the prop needed cleaning. I asked him to plug the heads drain so I could work on the valve whilst Frank is in the water, which he did, but the plug (a bung) did not do the job. So I’ll change the cocks when she is out.

Steve from Jumpier next door has kindly put a timed heater in the quarter berth, near the motor, as we have freezing weather. At time of writing it is -25º F/-4ºC in Corpus!

I visited Frank a couple of weeks back and repaired the sump pump. I have relocated the holding tank, more in-board, so that I have legroom in the berth. I will remake the tank cover I made, to hide the tank.

Hopefully Frank will be ok and will not freeze.