Belated Update

I completely lost track of doing the blog!
Quick update – missed the ARC due to persistent engine issues, caused by shorts in the wiring. Four dead shorts resulted in lots of melted wiring.
I had to park Frank in Camarinas, NW Spain, November through January, so that I could go take care of business, once I decided that ARC was not achievable.
I returned late January to more burned out wiring – the engine had been running with the starter motor on, due to another short. Fortunately, only the (brand new) starter motor was burned out, not the boat. Even better, I had brought with me a new wiring loom.
Anyway, I departed Camarinas Feb 5 2015, stopped briefly in Porto Santos off Madeira on 12th to retrieve the halyard, and landed St Croix, USVI, sunrise on March 8th 2015.

Updates to come.