Engine Refit and General update April 19th

Apparently the engine is being rebuilt and reinstalled starting St George’s Day, April 23rd. The guys lost a month because they forgot to add a main bearing to the shopping list, which was rather extensive, so said bearing was ordered and arrived on 17th.

So, fingers crossed, Frank will have a newly reconditioned, rebored and therefore slightly updated engine by the time I get back to the UK on 26th.

I have not heard from Jerry The Rigger, so need to chase up the rigging tune up. I have had invoices from Kemp Sails for the new sniffer and the repaired spinnaker.

Geoff has done his competent crew course, and is enthused, which is great. I am looking forward to getting some sea time between the two of us. I expect running in the engine will be a great excuse to go out on the Solent.

The new foresail can be fitted and we can try it out, as well as doing some practice reefing, MOB drills, etc.

Lastly, I have made the Official Number plate, which can be epoxied to the main beam, or wherever it will fit, to satisfy the Isle of Man registry.