Quick post

I’ve not posted for a while. I had a guy dive and clean the prop and check the hull.

He said the hull seems clear but the prop needed cleaning. I asked him to plug the heads drain so I could work on the valve whilst Frank is in the water, which he did, but the plug (a bung) did not do the job. So I’ll change the cocks when she is out.

Steve from Jumpier next door has kindly put a timed heater in the quarter berth, near the motor, as we have freezing weather. At time of writing it is -25º F/-4ºC in Corpus!

I visited Frank a couple of weeks back and repaired the sump pump. I have relocated the holding tank, more in-board, so that I have legroom in the berth. I will remake the tank cover I made, to hide the tank.

Hopefully Frank will be ok and will not freeze.

Hurricane Season goes Ελληνικά (Greek).

UPDATE Below @ 10:00 hrs Sept 20 from US Weather Service

Upperdate Below @ 07:00 hrs Sept 21.

It is still September – 20th today, and already the publicists at the weather forecasters have run out of letters of the alphabet. For some reason, the meteorological alphabet runs from A to T. So rather than use the Japanese model and number storms, they went Greek for “the second time since the ’50s” That’s so we blame it on #climatechange. Right. Storm Beta is this week’s concern.

So here we are again, checking on Frank. Last night was quite cool, so I slept well. The Marina had emailed that they were going to close off the cap park and vehicle access to the piers at 9am. So I moved the truck last night.

Woke to a beautiful morning with a cooling breeze and some haze. And an email saying that pier access is now open until Midday. Here’s why:

Hopefully, Beta will keep nudging North West.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s 2,000.

TS Beta, 07:00 CST, September 21 2020. Should be ok.

Hurricane Season 2020 – August

08.22.2020 @ 22:00 CDT Update

Hopefully we are spared…

8.22.2020 07:45 CDT Update.


“A lot of people are going to be impacted by rainfall and storm surge in the Gulf of Mexico,” according to the National Weather Service.


Two hurricanes have never appeared in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time, according to records going back to at least 1900, said Colorado State University hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach.

The last time two tropical storms were in the Gulf together was in 1959, he said.”

The tropical storms are forecast to meet in the Gulf on Tuesday.

Early Saturday, Laura was centered about 150 miles southeast of Cozumel, Mexico, with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. Marco was east of the Yucatan Peninsula.

8.22.2020 Update. I’m aboard Frank.

Hmmm. Laura and Marco are on a hot date. Will Laura pull Marco NE, or push Marco SW, or will Marco pull Laura SW or push Laura NE? Or what?

8.21.2020 …

8.20.2020 …

8.19.2020 – Another incoming…

Hurricane Hanna (updated 11:55 07/26)

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 10.51.22 PM

So here I am. Sipping a cold one, with a sackful of ropes and some more fenders, before the weather comes to town.

Frank Night















The Marina asked people not to stay aboard tonight – Hanna is a Force 1 out in the Gulf right now (early 25th Central, 06:00 GMT). Forecast to be a tropical storm by the time it lands tomorrow, south of Corpus

So I left, after checking the lines, adding fenders and adding a new springer line. No opportunity to do any work tomorrow in the rain.

Rescue boat corpus

On the way out, I saw this Rescue boat, moved up way beyond the marina, on the main drag. Maybe they expect high seas!

Just as I left, a tremendous downpour hit north of Corpus. I could not see the road at times. But made it out. Hopefully I can get back on Sunday.

Update 7.25.2020 11:30 CST: 978 mb, still an F1 as it approaches the ICW. The eye will pass south of Corpus but the storm surge of 3-5 feet and heavy rains will hit the marina. Winds 80mph, gusting to 100mph. Track and forecast cone below, and the main image shows the satellite pic from 11:10 CST. That’s a lot of wind and rain. Many boats left their sails, covers, canvas screens on, so there’s going to be some disappointed owners. Hopefully Frank is fine and the boat next to her stays where she is.

Huricane Hanna July 25 2020

Text from Steve Appleton of Jupiter, Frank’s neighbor at the marina, 13:15 7.25.2020:

Text from Steve (Jupiter)

What a great guy he is!

15:15 UPDATE, 25TH JULY 2020

LANDFALL, south of Corpus Christi. Maybe I can get down there tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 26th.Hnna, 18-24 CST

Hanna Sat & Radar, 18-26

Text from Steve, 18:27, 07/25:

File Jul 26, 12 07 10

I think that’s a wrap.

Hanna, Satellite, 20-25, 07:25:2020

Hanna, 20-00, 7:25

Steve sent me some pics and a summary:

“Your boat is fine, 2 of your fenders blew out, and you got some very minor dock rash. It appears that the scratches are only very shallow and that they did not get through to the fiberglass. The rest of the boat looks unscathed.”

So I need to buy some new fenders.

Domestic Electric

hot socket

A few months back, I bought a US socket to replace the UK 240v twin socket that came with Frank, but did not get around to installing it. I just used UK-US adaptors.

This lets me run mains-power devices (kettle, power tools, heater, etc) on board when using shore power.

It has been cold, so I had the heater on, as I have done before. There was a strange smell which I eventually localized to the socket.

I have been using UK -> US adaptors to run 110v items. I pulled out one – no problem. Pulled out the left side one… and the GFPE tripped as the plug flashed. So that works!

The 13a fuse in the adaptor had failed to blow and the brass prong was taking some heat:

adaptor plug

Fascinating. The live, or “hot” in the USA, is shown here after I disconnected from shore power, opened the socket and clipped the wire. I have a plug-in circuit tester to check if the sockets are really turned off.

live wire

I found a cool website, The Circuit Detective to help me translate between UK and USA terms (there is a lot of difference besides voltage) and get the new socket wired in correctly.

So I now have a UK-fitted GFPE on board, where the mains power comes in, and two US sockets fitted with GFCI. I wanted to keep a dual 240/110 system, for when Frank is in Caribbean and other Commonwealth marinas, but I think I will look at installing and running the shore power through a US Standard GFPE, and maybe run two systems later.

Gfci socket

I no longer need big-assed UK plug-adaptors!

Wifi Update Updated – Success!

So I took the Redport Optimizer home, because I could not configure the now-installed Wifi extender on the boat. Once home, I watched the videos and checked manuals but could not access the settings needed. I could not even upload the latest software. Until, eventually, I read that there is a “superadmin” role. Never had to use that before.

Bingo! Uploaded the latest update, hoping that this, plus superadmin mode, would fix things. Went out to dinner after Christmas (lousy food, lovely company, if you must ask, at Roaring Fork, Stonelake, Austin) and returned to a happy dog and a chewed up Optimizer.

So, I bought a new one. It arrived this morning, from GMN – I spent the weekend on Frank, so too late for that trip. My next task is to get back to Frank, test it all out, get the Redport Extender configured (finally!) and get decent email on-board.

Feb 2, 2020 – Installed and it works! I can now see dozens of wifi networks, and get super-strong connections.

redport optimizer