I have ordered a replacement liferaft from Seago, so that we have an ARC-compliant ISO9650 liferaft. It will arrive today!
And on Tuesday, the Iridium Pilot Satellite Internet/Phone system will arrive, plus a hand held IsatPhone for backup. This means we will have (when it is installed..) on-board phone, email, web and wifi, at sea as well as in harbor.

Someone dinked Frank! I saw a deep graze on the rub rail, and on the newly polished topsides of her hull. I shall ask the marina to check the video from the cameras.

I planned to run the radar to the Garmin Chartplotter, as well as to the Raymarine display belowdecks, but after a tech support call it is not possible. Proprietary systems..

Not a big problem and I am not spending money on a new radar.

Finally – progress!