Fitful Refit

Updated re quote.

The latest: the nice men at Endeavour explained to me that the motor needs to come out of Frank (4 hours out, four hours in) and be given the overhaul that I thought I had paid for from the other company. One injector is shot, another corroded into the head, hoses and joints showing signs of leaks, etc.

It appears that the newly-installed oil filter is cross-threaded and is leaking. I shall await the report and then seek my money back from the other guys, but first we need to get the motor out and ensure that it is good for another 10-15 years (it was installed as an update for £5k back in 1998 – who says there is no inflation?).

The weather has played havoc with boat refit schedules, and the rigging has still not been done, but I am assuming that it will be done in the next few weeks.

Endeavour will also look Frank over and give me a shopping list. I suspect they have already booked their works party to spend the fees. Fortunately, she is in good nick – so I will balance essentials with good ideas with options.

Options that I am looking at include satellite internet, wind and solar power and water making. Throw in other stuff and somethings will have to be put on hold. We shall see.

I also have to get the radar feed added to the Garmin Chart Plotter, so it can be seen when in the cockpit: currently, the radar monitor is at the chart console below decks, so to steer whilst checking radar (say, at night or in fog) is difficult.

The Autohelm is connected to a GPS feed, but it – the Autohelm –  failed on the trip from Strangford. Dodgy wiring. When it is repaired it will be possible to plot a course and have the AutoHelm do the steering, a big help when short handed.

It is incredibly easy to drift off course – 30 seconds in heavy seas can mean 90˚ or more, and when you are trying to trim sails in a heavy sea, it happens fast. Even motoring, I found myself doing a 180˚ turn several times, especially when tired. Must have looked mad on coastguard radar!

Anyway: I await the quote.

As I was posting, they were emailing. £3500. I am wondering if I can get the parts from the States cheaper.

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