Keel Over

Some pics of the keel refit at Hooking Bull, Rockport TX. This took three months or so, because we had to get a slot in the calendar, wait weeks for the “glue”, and schedule the rigger to unstep and restep the mast, tune the rigging, etc.

The mast is dropped..

Before the keel is dropped..

We had to wait whilst Hooking Bull found the time and then ordered the two-part keel adhesive sealant.

Lifting the hull, with the keel bolts loosened. The mast is off, to prevent the unballasted hull toppling over if the keel becomes detached.

Loosening the keel slowly to lower it from the hull..

The keel is hanging on..

Separation. There was water in the hull, which was drained out over several hours. No osmosis, thank heavens.

Interesting hole in the cast iron keel.

Applying the Pettit FlexPoxy, a 2-part epoxy adhesive sealant designed for keel joints, from Pettit Marine Paint. It has a carteidge to ensure that components A and B combine in a 2:1 ratio.

Inside the boat.

Dropping Frank back onto the keel, to compress the joint, and tightening the bolts..

Finishing off.

The finished job

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