Corpus Christi, finally!

Frank is finally tied up at the Municipal Marina at Corpus Christi, after an extended refit at Hooking Bull boatyard, Rockport TX. Dropping the keel to re-bed it took three months due to a backlog of work at the yard, delays in getting stuff etc. 

Yesterday (Saturday May 21st) we made our escape, heading back up the inland coastal waterway to Corpus bay and the marina. 

Now I have to complete the survey, import her, have her registered in Texas and flagged as a US sailboat. Then I can start to make her pretty! I will post the keel refit pics another day.

Approaching Corpus Christi May 21st 2016.  
Tied up at Corpus Marina. In need of tlc.

Flying the Manx Red Ensign at Corpus.


5 thoughts on “Corpus Christi, finally!

  1. Well done Colin! We’re hopefully off in approximately 2 weeks, working our way down to the Med. We’ll keep in touch,

    Best wishes,

    Sue and Ed

  2. Hi Colin Well done, I am sure you will have it all ship shape and Bristol fashion in no time. Geoff

    Sent from my iPad


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