Starting on the woodwork

The survey is finished, and next week I will go to start the paperchase with US Customs, to get Frank imported and then reflagged.

I spent last night and all day today stripping 31 years of varnish from the floorboards. 

Almost done.

The grotty boards at the bottom (below) are my deck at home, not Frank’s deck!

I have to finish stripping the varnish: the discolored areas you can see are varnish stripper – where there is no varnish residue, it has evaporated, so I just have a few areas left to scrape.

The inlay is actually very thin, and in some areas it has been worn away. However, a good coat or three of varnish will distract from those flaws. 

The board at the back of the saloon, nearest the heads, has a crack on the underside, which I will patch up amd reinforce.

Tomorrow I will head to Corpus and remove the handrails, bring them home and start refinishing them. I also need to order the new Stack Pack sail cover, to replace the damaged one, from the guy in Port Aransas, if I can find his number.

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