Frank – The 67th Sadler 34

Since buying her in 2013 I have been trying to find the hull number of Frank – when Sadler was building the boats they did not have a formal way of marking the hulls with the build number.

Thanks to the Sadler Discussion Forum and The Sadler Owner’s Association I now know that Frank was the 67th Sadler 34. 

“My records show [the first buyer] bought the Sadler 34SE in 1985 with the Hull

number 34/067, sail number K8652Y…

Interestingly enough she was built alongside a 34 build no. 066 which was

for the Yachting World editor, Andrew Bray. ” (Nigel Thomas, of the owners’ association).

So now I know. Built 31 years ago, hull number 67. 

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