Rod End!!

This means little to all y’all, but the lovely Nicole at Raymarine sent me a replacement Rod End for my Autohelm. The original is stuck in a lump of old tiller arm:

Manky old tiller arm and its hostage rod end.

I should have ignored the surveyor report and just left the tiller arm well alone: crappy it was, but in a million years it was never going to fail. But… I meddled.

So now I have my new (totally different) tiller arm, which means a lot of hard work to retro fit it:

New Edson Tiller Arm. Totally different size and shape.

But – at least I have a new Rod End!

New Raymarine Autohelm Rod End with ball-joint.

One thought on “Rod End!!

  1. GDay Colin!

    Glad to See You Have Still Have that Adventurous Soul.
    A Man Can Travel the Realm with a Good Rod End! šŸ¤£
    Still Fighting the Good Fight here in Beta Test OZ.šŸ˜‰
    Keep and Eye on those Engineered Skies Mate…
    Big Hugs
    Cassie šŸ„°šŸ™

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