Official Registration

Frank was finally registered as Frank with the Isle of Man Register of Shipping, Official Number 701429. The number stays with the vessel for life (life on the British Registry, that is).

So Geoff crafted an official number, which is now affixed just under the hatch!

The number is referred to as the carving, as it would originally have been carved into the main beam. Not being wooden, or course, I have compromised and used epoxy.


The white thing with the two red circles is the holding tank, pre-installation. With help from Geoff, it is now installed and partially piped. Some trimming and adjusting required. The sanitary pipe is a bitch to work with, unless you but some better pipe at £27.50 a meter, say $15 a foot. Six feet later..

I ran out of time getting the extraction and vent pipes installed, and the anti-siphon pipes look rather untidy at this stage. But it is progress!

No pics yet.

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