Handsome Transom, or Satcom Pole Dancing.

The Iridium Pilot sits atop the pole.
It has taken so long that I have mislaid two ground cables (where can they be, in a 35 foot boat??), but it feels like a major achievement to actually have it installed.
Next week I will set up the BDE (Below Deck Equipment) and put some money on the SIM, to test the phone and internet.
Pics below.


Iridium Dome




3 thoughts on “Handsome Transom, or Satcom Pole Dancing.

  1. Hey Colin. Hoping that you pick this up whilst waiting for the off in the Canaries. I sailed as crew on a Sadler 34 called Sadie from Fuerteventura to Antigua at this time last year. We came across a few ARC boats on the way. It was a fantastic experience on a great boat and I’m very jealous of you and what lies ahead. All the best. I shall be reading whatever you push out on that shiny Iridium dish. Best Regards – Jez Rowles.

    • Hi Jez. Thanks for the comment. I just posted an update. Rather late bit as I had a lot going on. Completed the crossing solo March 8th, skipped the ARC, and Frank is now resting in St Croix USVI! She was so well behaved – wonderful boat to sail on my own across the Atlantic.

      • Great to hear you made it safely.

        Solo sounds like hard work to me. I’m back on Sadie as 1 of a crew of 3 for Antigua to Essex in early May.

        Hope the sun shines for you.

        Best wishes


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