The Third Man (but no zither).

Frank has a Raytheon Autohelm, which is integrated to the GPS and allows a course to be held and modified. It was upgraded by the previous owners from a device which controls the tiller to a ram which is connected to the rudder quadrant.

These devices are not good for sustained use, because of their power consumption and inability to work under pressure in heavy seas. Besides, it is a bit flakey, and the wiring came undone halfway through my sail to Gosport.

Whilst I have fixed it, this is not a good solution for long distance sailing. So I invested in a Hydrovane, more info here

Craig Grantham, who rebuilt the engine, installed it, with a little help from me. Pics below.

The Hydrovane requires no electrical power: it have a wind vane (a sail) above the water, and a rudder below water, and it uses these to keep the boat at a set angle to the wind. It was a big investment, but I think it will pay off by taking the strain of driving Frank across the Atlantic. Most customers report that their Hydrovane does 90% of the work!






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